Marubeni Techno Rubber Corporation




Our company was originally a wholesaler of rubber materials established in Nagoya in 1971, which became a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation, a general trading company, in 1998. Then, we took over and consolidated the business of the material group of the Rubber Department (currently known as the Rubber & Industrial Materials Department) of Marubeni Corporation, which also had been dealing in a wide range of rubber materials for years.

Currently, we are dealing in various sorts of rubber and rubber subsidiary materials, including natural and synthetic rubber products, masterbatches, and specialty carbon blacks, in addition to rubber related products such as tires and rubber gloves.

Our lifestyle is changing the COVID-19 crisis, and the international situation is becoming more and more uncertain. Amid such background, the SDGs must be addressed as global social challenges. In the age of uncertainty, we are firmly committed to providing solutions to customers from all over the world as the platform for rubber related products by utilizing the comprehensive strength of Marubeni Group and its expertise as the trading company specialized in rubber.

Yusaku Hanada
President, Marubeni Techno Rubber Corporation